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2010 Pot Luck Varisty Dinner - 9/30/10

Posted Thursday, September 16, 2010 by Susan McInerney
Connetquot Varsity
Football and Cheerleader
Pot Luck Dinner
Thursday, Sept 30, 2010
High School Cafeteria
6:00pm dinner
(food drop off at 5:30)
Its that time we all have waited for: Our first "world famous" pot luck dinner of the 2010 Season - 'cause the T-Birds have the best cooks around!!

Pot Luck dinner is for ALL Varsity players, cheerleaders and their families - Thursday, September 30th in the high school cafeteria. We will be serving dinner at 6:00 so all food (hot food must be brought hot) and supplies must be delivered between 5:30-5:40.

Please review the list of suggested items  and get back to us as soon as possible with what you will be bringing. We always try to coordinate without having too much of one type of food. We have quite a full list here and we feed well over 100 people.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to let us know so we have a variety and cover all the supplies needed.
You may email Suzy McInerney  at mobodato@yahoo.com or call at 567-8492
or call Diane Renfroe at 445-7945
Please try to contact one of us NO LATER than Monday 9/27. Also - Please pass the word around. We will send out emails, but want to be sure everyone is reached.
If you are bringing food, we ask that you bring an even number of trays, meaning an equal amount so that we can set up two identical stations of the same foods. This worked wonderfully last year, and everyone was able to get food quite quickly!

Suggested Items for Varsity * KICK OFF/Pot Luck Dinner
Thursday, September 30, 2010 -
5:30ish food drop off/ 6:00-serve dinner

Just suggestions based on past years* favorites:

*Starter Suggestions*:
Caesar Salad                   Rolls for sausage and peppers
Garlic Bread/Italian Bread and butter * needs to be pre-cut
Stromboli                        Garlic Knots

HOT FOODS: Please bring food HOT and in aluminum ** trays*
NO Full trays, please - **MUST BE IN 1/2 TRAYS**
Chicken Parmesan (This is the biggest seller every year so we could use a few volunteers for this)
Chicken Fingers * another big hit *
Penne a la vodka
Meatballs (red sauce or other types of sauce like teriyaki)
Sausage & Peppers
Different types of pasta
*Believe it or not - plain pasta with red sauce is not a favorite and doesn*t go too well * if someone wanted to add cheese and meat or do something like an alfredo sauce * this will probably do better
ANYTHING CHICKEN goes very well
Cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes etc.

Beverages:We will need quite a bit * so we will need several volunteers
Variety of soda in cans * in 12 or 24 packs * please note how many cans or size of case if you are bringing
Bottled water * 24 case

Paper Goods:
Dinner plates (must be heavy duty-about 225)                                
Dessert plates * 175
3 cases of sterno cans-24 in each case (we have racks)         
large water trays to go in the racks
extra aluminum 1/2 trays
"take out" tins with lids for leftovers
Other Suggestions:

For those working, you may want to order something.  Last year, pizza, wings, fried chicken from local places worked very well!

You also may want to combine efforts with another family and order a 1/2 tray of food from a local restaurant.

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