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Announcements Regarding Summer Workouts

Posted Sunday, June 27, 2010 by Coach Hansen

All Players,


Six weeks of workouts.  Six weeks to get in the best physical shape possible so you are ready to compete for a championship on August 16th.

Important Announcements:

·         Point system for attendance starts tomorrow.  Who will be the first to reach 60? 72? 84? 96? 100+?

·         There have been some questions about the Power Circuit Workouts schedule.  If you have speed training on Monday & Wednesday then you should attend Monday Power Circuit.  If you have speed training Tuesday & Thursday then you should attend Tuesday Power Circuit.  If you are not doing speed training you can attend both days of Power Circuit if you want.

·         You can still sign up for speed training.  Just show up early on the first day and you can register.

·         There is a change to the summer schedule: There is no Power Circuit Workout on Wednesday morning.  Instead I will open the gym at 5pm on Wednesdays for an open lift before practice on Wednesday night.  This lift will be worth 2pts, like the other open lifts.

·         Any player still interested in attending Stony Brook Camp but has not given me the paperwork let me know right away.

·         I will be having a meeting to give out equipment and answer any questions about the Stony Brook Camp sometime in July, I will announce exactly when and where as soon as possible.

·         Reminder, all players wishing to play varsity football must pass the run test before they can practice.  The run test consists of 14 110 yard sprints.  Sprints and rest is timed based on position.  The test is given the first day of practice, August 16th.  Players must take the test every day until it is passed.  We will practice for the test after practices on Wednesday and after Thunder Road on Fridays.

What you do between now and August 16th will have a greater effect on your success this year than anything else.  “Failing to prepare, is preparing for failure” John Wooden.

See you down there.

Coach Hansen

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