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Posted Tuesday, March 21, 2006 by Web Master
Senior Tyler Shagi: Tyler started 6 out 8 games for us this year at the QB position. Whether it's working out in the weight room, practicing footwork in the gym, or throwing outside, Tyler is focused on improving all the aspects of his game that should allow him to lead our offense next season. His added size and strength should make him a threat running and throwing the football.

Junior James Tripodi: After a slow start as a sophomore last year on the varsity, James Tripodi finished the season as one of our top defensive players at the Will LB position. James has shown some huge gains in the past month as the winter season ended and he has gotten back into the weight room. He is an everyday guy now in the weight room and if he continues this hard work he should be one of the anchors on our defense next season and one of the better LBs in the conference as a junior.

Sophomore Jon Sternbach: Yet another impressive standout from the sophomore class, Jon Sternbach has impressed the coaching staff all winter. With a great attendance record and numbers that have been continuously going up Jon is off to a great start with his high school football career. One of the reasons he has been so successful is he understands the importance of the core lifts and pays great detail to his form and execution of them. Jon spends his time wisely in the gym, working on the lifts that are going to show the greatest results in building strength, speed, & power.

To all the players making the commitment everyday in the weight room to make yourself & your team better, keep up the great work. Your hard work will have its rewards. Now that the spring has started I can say that we just finished our best winter workouts as a team that I have seen since I started here. Congratulations! Now let's see MORE.

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